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Xiamen RLSMA Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd. offers genuine high quality parts. We guarantee that these parts we provide, enjoying a three-month warranty, have high performance and long life.


It is our goal to “become customers’ most reliable partner”, to achieve which, a lot of professional technical engineers have been employed to provide specialized technical support for clients and quality assurance policy for our mechanical equipment. More details are as follows:

Technical support

Either we send one or two professional technical engineers to our partners’ to give them regular training on the equipment and breakdown maintenance, or they send their own technicians to our company to receive the training so that the equipment can get in-time and professional maintenance.

Quality Assurance:

All our products enjoy the quality assurance policy, with a warranty of one year (or 2000 working hours,whichever comes first). However, detailed warranty period varies with the parts as follows:

  1. For one-year warranty: transmission assy, torque converter assy(except control vale,transmission pump), engine assy(except starter motor, alternator, fuel transfer pump),driving axle, structural parts, pump, valve, driving shaft, oil cylinder.
  2. For half-year warranty: the control valve in the transmission case, transmission pump, starter motor, alternator, fuel transfer pump, battery, water tank, scraper bucket, tire.
  3. For parts not covered under warranty: appearance items, rubber hose, steel tube, pin shaft sleeve, cutting board, bucket teeth, brake piece, brake disc, filter screen, filter element, glass, belt, nozzle, gasket, spacer, fuse, gauge, bulb, grease nipple, door lock, rearview mirror and electrical components.

Note: The quality assurance policy doesn’t cover cases such as customers have improperly used the equipment or haven’t done the regular maintenance as required.

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